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STM32 Nucleo-F411RE

The Embedded World The world is getting smaller and smaller, and more and more connected. Computers used to take up an entire room and be reserved to an elite few. Now, nearly everyone has that much computing power in their pocket, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Microcontrollers are becoming smaller, yet more powerful. In a… Read More »

STM32F429I Discovery

The ST Microelectronics Discovery series are designed to show off the capabilities of the STM32 series. They come with numerous peripherals, and large amounts of I/O lines. The philosophy is to show the user what the device is capable of immediately, without the need to add any peripherals. The device that I am testing is… Read More »

ARM mbed Ethernet Starter Kit

Embedded systems are all about being lightweight, and only including what is really needed. This is sometimes the case for evaluation boards, but other times, evaluation boards come with multiple peripherals. This board is different, it comes with a large array of sensors and peripherals, almost as much as can fit on the board itself,… Read More »