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Time for Slovakia

Breathtaking Time-lapse by Dominika Martincova

October 25, 2014/0/0
Home / Blog / Nature / Time for Slovakia
HW Used:

Canon 600D, digislider, tripods, polarizer..

SW Used:

SNS-HDR, Panolapse & Lightroom


Wind by Brian Crain

After 2,5 years of timelapsing around the world, Dominika somehow ended up at home and realized that there are never-ending possibilities for breathtaking views and scenes.

The places that  can be see in the video are regular but amazingly beautiful. You cansee Popradske pleso, Slovensky raj, Chopok, Kremnica, Martin, Stara Lubovna, Dunajec, Spissky hrad & Spisska kapitula, Danube and Morava, Liptovska mara, Banska Stiavnica.

Dominika is a location independent visual artist, that roams around the world while capturing the beauty through wide spectrum of disciplines.

Photographer who loves macro, portraits, futuristic architecture and HDR. One of her biggest passions has been landscape photography, and luckily 2 years ago Dominika discovered how to bring it to the next level with time-lapse.


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