About Me

My name is James Langbridge, I'm an author and lecturer working and living in Nantes, France. It's been voted one of the nicest cities to live in for a few years running. We've got a lot of startups, and quite a few large technology companies too.

For work, I spend some of my time lecturing for schools, both locally and in Paris. My lectures concentrate on embedded systems, IoT and Python. My lectures are aimed at both engineering schools where these subjects are taught heavily, but also other schools (like commerce schools) where the students have less technical background, but are highly curious as to what can be done. I bring my own boards, most of the time students start off with Arduino boards before moving onto Nucleo boards. Students learn about electronics, communications, basic micro-controller topology before going into more advanced fields, including ARM assembly, optimizations and power management.

I also help out with startups and projects, helping people who have an idea, but either lack the technical know-how, or need help getting a demonstrator project up and running.

Useless trivia

I have acute achromatopsia, which is close to black and white vision. No matter how many problems you have reading resist color codes, mine are worse.

I was in an air accident once. Nothing serious (well, not for the humans, it was another story for the airplane). Proof that you can survive an air crash.

I was "arrested" on a train once while preparing a lecture. Apparently, one of the passengers got a little worried about the electronic boards and wires that I was using, and called the police. Everything ended well, I was able to explain what I was doing, and the passenger felt a little safer afterwards, but I was a little late with the lecture. The students took it fairly well (one had to be excused from the lecture for a few minutes because she couldn't control her laughter).

Somewhere, I have a certificate that I was the youngest person to fly Concorde. I was a baby, but my parents had to travel fast, so I was brought along. A journalist was waiting at the airport for a quick interview, and my face was on a local newspaper, a chubby baby with an aviator's headset. Kind of an embarrassing photo, but no-one can find it anymore, so I'm probably safe now.


I've written two books in my name (for the time being).

Professional Embedded ARM Development

Arduino Sketches, Tools ans Techniques for Programming Wizardry