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CodeBug in Schools – Meeting

The teachers walk out of their classrooms to their assigned places, and in theory, the children should follow in single line, calm and quiet. It’s Friday, as far as the children are concerned it’s the weekend, and so nothing is calm. I’m waiting for my daughter, but this time she’ll stay with her mother for… Read More »

Saved by an STM32

So… I saw on LinkedIn that the STMicroelectronics community was running a competition… Send a quick video on why you love STM32s, and you could win what looks like an awesome 3D printer. Well, I do love STM32s, and I have a story to tell, but it won’t be done in a video. I know,… Read More »

Eagle licensing woes?

Eagle 8.0 is now out, and it seems to be attracting a lot of articles. Originally from Cadsoft, Eagle now belongs to Autodesk, and since the merger, a lot has changed. Eagle used to be a single license application; you bought the license that you wanted or needed, and it was yours. Since Eagle 8,… Read More »

CodeBug, first approach to schools

The bell rang a few minutes ago, and somewhere in the dense mass of kids, my daughter is coming to see me. She thinks I’m coming to get her and take her home. She’s right, of course, but this afternoon, I have something I want to do first. Like a magnet, all I have to… Read More »

The “new” Packetfury

I got a comment from a reader about a problem with my site. In my Arduino book, I created an exercise, one that asked the user to connect to my site (Packetfury), and I created a link to greet the Arduino. The only problem is, since changing systems, I didn’t put that link back. Oops!… Read More »

Bit by the bug, a few days later

So, I got #BitByTheBug. I posted something quick on Twitter and G+, and once again, thanks element14 for your support! Before actually showing this to anyone, the best thing would be to test it myself, and see what all the fuss is about. It looks cute, it looks well designed, and the website is pretty… Read More »

A gift from element14

Yesterday, I received a parcel. I was thrilled when I was it was from element14, so I opened it up to take a peek. They must have known that I moved into a new house a few weeks ago, and my new office is looking bare. Here’s what I got: Two stickers, a dancing man… Read More »

A few days with the SiFive HiFive1

A few days ago, I managed to sort out some shipping issues, and I finally got my hands on a SiFive HiFive1 board. This is something new, open source hardware, thanks to RISC-V. No, really. The MCU is open source, just go and grab the RTL files from their GitHub. Anyway, I’ve been playing around… Read More »

Time for a change!

After a few years of using Joomla, I’ve decided that it is time to change, and to use WordPress. While I do like Joomla, it is becoming increasingly difficult to configure the site the way I want it, which is a problem. I spent about 15 minutes yesterday trying to get an article to have… Read More »