The “new” Packetfury

By | January 23, 2017

I got a comment from a reader about a problem with my site. In my Arduino book, I created an exercise, one that asked the user to connect to my site (Packetfury), and I created a link to greet the Arduino. The only problem is, since changing systems, I didn’t put that link back. Oops! Sorry, Edward! That has been corrected since.

So, to explain a little. I was originally using Joomla, since I rather ambitiously decided to translate everything on Packetfury to French (since I’m living in France). That turned out to take way too much time, so I changed my mind and concentrated on my native language, English. Also, I had some template issues; I originally bought a template that had some great code printing options, but the original sellers changed their system, and I no longer had access to the documentation. Joomla was taking up too much time, so I switched to WordPress. And here we are!

So once again, sorry for the interruption! If you had problems with the exercise, try again, it should be up and running.

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