A gift from element14

By | January 11, 2017

Yesterday, I received a parcel. I was thrilled when I was it was from element14, so I opened it up to take a peek. They must have known that I moved into a new house a few weeks ago, and my new office is looking bare. Here’s what I got:

Two stickers, a dancing man (perfect for compile times), and a Raspberry Pi 3. Well, I don’t like leaving the i7 on all night, so the RPi3 is probably going to be used as a Redmine/Subversion server for my books, writings, etc. Thanks, element14! Just what I needed.

Now, note the piece of paper in the middle. I had another element here, one that isn’t on the photo. It was gift-wrapped, and was a present for me to give to someone else. It contained a CodeBug, a nice little kit that is perfect for getting kids into development. No C, no assembly, programming is done graphically on a website. It has 6 outputs, an LED matrix and a connector for extensions. It is also well documented, but in English. The problem is, I live in France, and French kids aren’t too good with English. Not that good, at least.

I wondered what to do, and in the end, I decided to open it up, get to know it, and then present it myself to some local schools, and see what could be done. The problem is, I’m not doing what element14 asked me to do, and that bothers me. They made a great gesture, so I want to do the same. I’ve therefore contacted the site, to see if I can help translate anything, before showing this off to a few local students. So, since I opened the parcel, here is what it looks like:

I’ll try and write a few articles (or a presentation on YouTube).

2 thoughts on “A gift from element14

  1. Edward Brandel

    I am reading your great book “Arduino Sketches”. I am trying some ethernet examples in Chapter 9. I went to the webpage http://packetfury.net/helloarduino.html, I was supposed to be greeted with “Hello, Arduino” but, I didn’t get the message. I also tried to connect to packetfury.net on port 80 through PuTTY but it was just a blank screen. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. jlangbridge Post author

      Hi Edward, and thanks for your kind words! Welcome to the “new” Packetfury; I changed the site a few days ago to a new system, and to be honest, I completely forgot about that chapter, so the destination link doesn’t exist (yet). That’s also true for another book, too, so I’ll have some work over the weekend. I’ll try and get that up and running ASAP. I’ll let you know as soon as it is done. Can I contact you on the email you used for this comment?


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